Copper durian cannot stand the sun

Durian trees grow well in tropical climates. Not amazingly, durian trees flourish inland, as well as copper durian. However, this climate support will be less substantive if farmers don’t heed the care of plants.

Unlike different plants, cultivating copper durian isn’t too sophisticated. However, to induce the best results, this durian cultivation needs discipline.

Nicholas, owner of CV Gema Horti Mekar Sitrun in Majalengka, West Java, aforesaid that the primary issue to think about is planting copper durian trees is that the location of the land. per him, copper durian is going to be ready to grow optimally ashore with a height below 800 meters on top of the water level. “At a location below 800 meters, the land surface tends to be flat and not unsmooth,” he said.

He additionally sides that the fruit tree whose fruit resembles the form of a chicken egg doesn’t like marshy or muddy land. Excessive water content within the soil can really harm the expansion of this plant.

In addition, temperature or temperature should even be thought of. Nicholas aforesaid, the fruit tree from Riau can develop optimally below star lighting with temperatures of 20-30 degrees astronomer. “Land use that has temperatures up to thirty-four degrees astronomer ought to be avoided as a result of copper durian leaves will be burned by the sun’s heat,” he explained.

If the varied conditions and needs are consummated, then the farmers solely ought to do regular watering and fertilizing for the primary year. The issue to recollect, this section could be a vulnerable amount for durian seedlings to grow. intelligibly, a spread of pests and diseases will attack this plant.

The most common tormentor is that the fruit selecting caterpillars that attack plants once they begin in real fruit. This attack will inhibit the expansion of prospective fruit.

In addition, different threats come back from durian jumping fleas that lead to inferior tree growth. Fleas suck leaf buds, thereby reducing the liquid within the leaf. “How to manage it by spraying insect powder and trimming the half that has been attacked therefore it doesn’t unfold to different elements,” he said.

Nugroho, owner of the genus Pinus natural depression in Bintaro, the side that copper durian cannot face up to the hot sun. Therefore, he instructed the irradiation of daylight in these plants ranges from hr -80%. “To get around the hot and prolonged season, these plants should be more a day within the morning or evening,” he said.

According to Nugroho, the time of year like Gregorian calendar month and February could be a blast to plant these durian seeds. during this time of year, farmers not ought to water their plants, however, they should avoid the prevalence of standing water around the plants. Standing water has the potential to cause illness germs.

Not solely that, Nugroho suspects, the failure to plant durian usually happens as a result of the roots of the plant rot once the plant remains within the kind of seeds. This condition is caused by the condition of the soil that is simply too damp so the plant grows that attack the roots of trees. “It’s good if you begin planting, farmers use antifungals within the kind of organic and non-organic pesticides,” he said.

If planting durian seeds doesn’t encounter from now on obstacles, among 5 years, this plant can have a minimum height of 2 meters and be able to bear fruit.

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