Management of pests and diseases is incredibly vital in durian crop farming. as a result of pests and diseases will cut back fruit production and quality, it will even kill durian plants. persecutor and malady hindrance may be done like preventing the entry of pests and diseases to the situation of the garden by quarantine the seeds, destroying plants, to doing garden sanitation properly. Planting protecting plants is additionally dispensed to divert persecutor and malady attacks on durian. the subsequent pests and diseases that usually attack durian plants:

Durian Plant Pests

   Stem Borer

The pests that usually attack durian plants square measure stem borer, Batocera Nominator, Xylentus Lenconotus, Lamzera Coffee. This persecutor attacks by creating holes in stems, branches, and twigs. The characteristics of the borer attack square measure marked by the opening that’s amid dirt and red-colored liquid from the previous wood that is attacked by the borer, because of the attack the plant withers, dry leaves and falls eventually the plant dies. management of stem borer embody the subsequent methods:

Maintaining garden sanitation by destroying grasses, weeds, host plants, and durian leaves that are rotor.
Cut and troubleshoot stems and twigs full of severe attacks.
Covering borer holes with cotton that has been given a general insect powder.
Inject plants exploitation general pesticides through roots or leaves.

Lice typically attack young leaves by uptake up the liquid. The symptoms that arise directly square measure colored leaves with chromatic spots. curling leaves square measure hollow, and don’t seem to be traditional/dwarf sized. This persecutor is little, brown in color and coated with white waxy threads as a result of its secretion. management of ectoparasite may be done by spraying general pesticides such as Curacron, Dursban, etc. with a level of zero.2%.

White Fleas
The white ectoparasite persecutor (Psendococus sp.) encompasses a green form and its growth is roofed by a rather whitish waxy wax. These lice attack durian plants by uptake liquid leaves, this persecutor additionally attacks soot condensation. Its sweet impurity invitations the hymenopters in order that the communicator follows the ant. As a result of the white lice attack, leaves become curling and miserable. Flowers and fruit will suffer from the wipeout of white lice should be at the identical time with soot condensation and ants that become the suggests that of spreading wipeout will use pesticides and akarisida.

PLANT malady

Stem Cancer and high Shootings
This malady caused by the plant life Phitophihora palmifora may be a fairly malignant malady with a mortality of up to five hundredths. Signs of cancer square measure wounds that manufacture red mucous secretion on the skin of the lower trunk close to the bottom. Violent attacks build the stems become rotten, the wood is open and chromatic red speckled with red and or purple, if the attack is more and more malignant the plant will die of this plant life typically attacks plants used for rootstock management additionally to exploitation garden sanitation, widening plant spacing, suppressing weeds , pruning plants, also can spray antifungal agent (Benlate) on plants or by rubbing on the lacerate stem so covering it with paraffin.

Root Rot
Root rot will attack each mature and seedlings. This malady is caused by the plant life of Pythium vegans. The attack is characterized by death patches that begin at the tip of the lateral root. If the roots square measure compound within the cortex it’ll look brown and within the woody half it’ll look pink with brown spots. plant disease besides caused by Phytmum Texans also can be by Fusarium sp. This malady will cause death directly on durian plants. Countermeasures by spraying fungicides with active ingredients: metalaxyl, phosphatidyl atomic number 13, or triazole plants that are attacked and died ought to be burned and therefore the former holes gave lime, hindrance may be tired the season the garden system is improved in order that no puddles will rot the roots.

Leaf spot
The explanation for the leaf spot malady is planting life Colletotrichum durations. Symptoms of the attack square measure marked by the emergence of huge dry spots on the leaves of plants that ultimately become holes, this attack will cause disruption of chemical process within the leaves, management of leaf spots may be done by cutting the affected plant elements or by spraying an antifungal agent made up of active copper.
Umps Mushrooms
This malady is caused by plant life umps (Pink disease). Symptoms that arise square measure the looks of a yellow liquid on the stems that square measure attacked and coated with auriferous plant life threads like cobwebs. At high wetness, the thread can modification color to pink (Pink). This attack of Bumpas plant life may result in the death of branches, countermeasures by applying a copper-based antifungal agent on the affected half. Reducing wetness in planting space, cutting affected elements, and spraying plants with fungicides such as Diane M-45, etc.

Rotten Fruit
Fruit rot is caused by the plant life Phytophthora palmivora. symptoms of attack visible patches of achromatic brown wet on the skin of the fruit. when a while the fruit can rot wet within the affected half can kind plant part and white spogaria. additionally, to spraying fungicides, this malady is additionally amid spraying of pesticides to kill insects and snails that square measure the vectors. Fruit that has been attacked should be discarded.


Leaf tips dry up
Durian plants that square measure attacked by this malady square measure characterized by the drying of the ideas of the leaves and therefore the edges of the leaves and square measure brown. The explanation for this malady is that the durian plants lack metal small components. This malady will have an effect on the leaf chemical process. Handling may be done by spraying metal small components on the leaves. excluding lack of components metal, this malady happens because of lack of water. when the plants square measure moire and therefore the water wants square measure met the condition of the plant leaves can bite by bit recover.

exhausting Fruit Flesh
This malady is characterized by the hardening of many elements of the durian fruit. Besides that, the fruit is pale and tastes bland. This malady happens in durian fruit as a result of the number of seeds is simply too abundant, apart from that another issue is that the lack of metallic element and metal.

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