How to Plant mustelid King Durian within the Garden

HELLO, Friends of Organic Farmers United Nations agency like to plant, keep the spirit to preserve this nature, as a result of planting a million trees advantages our lives. The theme of the article that I will be able to gift now is concerning a way to plant durian mustelid king in plantation land.

Durian fruit is extremely acquainted with our ears, a fruit that has thorny skin and legit sweet fruit flesh with a pointy aroma makes the general public like to eat this fruit.

In addition to its sweet sweet style, this durian fruit has health advantages for our bodies together with being smart for digestion, overcoming anemia, smart for skin health, maintaining healthy bones and joints, regulation blood stability, maintaining thyroid health, increasing appetence, relieving stress and there square measure more, however consumption an excessive amount of durian isn’t smart for health particularly for diabetics, as a result of this fruit incorporates a high sugar content that may threaten to form glucose rise.

This Durio zibethinus incorporates a kind of varieties, that I will be able to review during this article is that the durian mustelid king. mustelid King Durian could be a new selection that options yellow fruit flesh, edible fruit flesh, soft, not fibrous and tastes sweet and tiny seeds, no surprise the market value is extremely high. Besides having the ability to be enjoyed alone, it can even be sold for a profit that’s not kidding.

If Organic Farmer friends have an interest in planting durian mustelid king, please browse 1st a way to plant it below.

Choose Quality mustelid King Durian Seeds

Prepare seeds for the USA to plant within the field later. we will do durian mustelid phanerogam nursery ourselves from ripe fruit seeds or by attachment. however, I recommend from the nursery of the attachment system, additionally to quick-growing, quick fruitful too. If you wish one thing instant, you’ll exit at a neighborhood fruit seed store. selecting seeds conjointly must be thought-about, the standard should be smart, like being healthy, free from pests and diseases, having contemporary inexperienced leaves that don’t wilt and yellow, durable stems that aren’t little and dry, leafy.

Choosing Planting Location

Weasel King Durian will grow within the lowlands to AN altitude of one,000 m on top of water level. however, the most effective productivity once planted at AN altitude of 400-600 m on top of the water level. The planting space that the mustelid king durian plant desires, that is clean from worrisome grasses that grow within the planting space, isn’t too slender, the soil is sort of loose and wealthy in nutrients, the planting location shouldn’t be shaded, should get daylight throughout the day.

Making a planting hole

Make a planting hole within the location consistent with the standards on top of, will use a hoe with a size of 50x50x50cm. Besides that, conjointly prepare a combination of soil + compost/manure that has been hard + husk.

Land Rest

After finishing the planting hole, the seeds shouldn’t be planted directly. The planting hole must be unweary for 2-3 days and let it’s exposed to the sun in order that the bacterium on the soil dies.

Start Planting

If the planting hole has been unweary, now could be the time for the seeds to be planted within the planting hole. place the roots within the planting hole, if the seeds square measure obtained from the seed search, the seeds square measure typically already embedded in a very polybag, we tend to simply ought to tear the plastic polybag and don’t let the roots break, then place it on the planting hole. Position the seedlings perpendicular, to not tilt.

Closing the planting hole

Seedlings that are placed within the planting hole, at once cowl with a combination of soil + compost + husk media that we’ve got ready, cowl till equally distributed. to form the plant durable, the planting hole cowl is compacted as away because it is often damaged, however not too dense as a result of it’ll inhibit the event of plant roots.


The first watering is finished when the on top of steps are completed. Water enough plants and planting media not too muddy. Use embraced for max results.

Installing stake

It is counseled to put in the marker on the durian seedlings that we’ve got already planted. Marking operates as a support in order that plants aren’t liable to dynamical positions and collapse by outside interference. we will create a stake ourselves from bamboo with a length of one.5 meters.

Routine Fertilization

Plants really want an everyday offer of nutrients. Nutrient intake absorbed by mustelid king durian plants, creating plants healthy, immune from malady attacks, and try to grow quickly. There square measure a pair of chemical compositions that we offer, either by organic or chemical combination.

Chemical Combination Method: twenty-grain NPK fruit + one weight unit compost / manure + one teaspoon POC BMW
Organic Method: one tbsp BMW KOCOR + one tsp BMW POC
Apply this fertilization frequently once a month.

Stimulate the Emergence of Flowers / Fruits

Durian plants from attachment will we tend to fancy the fruit when the age varies of 3-5 years. however, the appliance of fruit stimulating secretion is very counseled, to accelerate growth and fertilization. Fruit stimulating hormones can spur plants to create fertilization quicker. The fruit stimulating secretion that we will use is BMW POC. Not solely plants turn out quick, however, the fruit is additionally of upper quality. Application of BMW POC by spraying it to the plant with a dose of 2-3 POC BMW lid + one tank of fifteen liters of water. If the durian plant is massive, the appliance is often by scraping (from the wound) the most stem 30cm, then brush the BMW POC on the scraped stem. have intercourse at 7-10 day intervals.


Other treatments that require to be done square measure diligently watering it 1-2 times each day however betting on the wetness within the soil still, cleansing weeds that grow around durian plants.

Pests & Diseases In Durian

Durian plants square measure typically disturbed by some pests like fruit borer, mini bees, and flower borer caterpillars. If there’s already an outsized range of persecutor outbreaks, it is often overcome by spraying ANTILATE biological pesticides every five days, dosing four capsules per seventeen liters of water. additionally, to pests, durian plants are typically littered with many diseases like phytophthora parasitic complectens, cancerous spots, fungous flora. management of this malady by spraying NOPATEK biological antimycotic every five days, four btl lid dose per seventeen liters of water.

Thus the discussion concerning a way to Plant mustelid King Durian in Plantation Land, from the discussion on top of, hopefully, it’ll be helpful for friends of Organic Farmers United Nations agency need to instantly plant durian ferret king. forever success…

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